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Chào Quốc Khanh 30/4 va 1/5 Shahjahan Saffron giảm giá đặt biệt để khách hàng có cơ hội sử dụng thử saffron 1gr giảm 5%2gr giam 6%3gr giam 7%4gr giảm 8%5gr trở lên giảm 10%Còn chừng chờ chưa tin tưởng sản phẩm của chúng tôi thì hãy xem clip độc quyền của Shahjahan saffron từ trang trại Persian Ỉran nhé.4 dòng saffron mà chúng tôi đang cung cấp1: Premium ( organic ) 450k2: Supper negin 300k3: All red negin 250 k4: Poshal 130 kLien he: 0936043498Andy Lê

Posted by Shahjahan Saffron on Sunday, April 21, 2019

Saffron has been traded and used around the world for over 3 millennia. So, when you are purchasing Saffron, what are the key elements to look for to distinguish the difference between the normal and the luxury.


Simply put, look for Aroma in the scent of the saffron, Clarity in the Colour of the Saffron and finally, Taste. Shah Jahan Saffron is unique. Simply look at our Laboratory Analysis.


To get into the deeper examination to determine quality, laboratory tests need to be done and Certificates of Analysis to show the true quality.

3 Easy ways to identify pure saffron


If you were to put a saffron thread/strand into

your mouth and if it tastes sweet…. IT’s FAKE


Put the saffron strands into water and wait for the colour to change

If it changes gradually and more strongly over time then its pure,

Otherwise; too fast and its likely to have dye in it or be low quality.


Pure saffron aroma is very interesting.

If u know what Honey smells like,

and you also know what hay smells like…

you would know what Real Saffron Aroma is.

It is literally a blend of Hay and Honey smells.

Certificate of Analysis


With the combination of decades of Saffron farming experience and modern technology, Shah Jahan produces the highest quality Super Negin Saffron that you will find.

Our Laboratory results show that Shah Jahan Saffron has no equal when it comes to the Crocin, Safranal and Picrocrotin Content. The 273.3 Crocin content has amazed experts worldwide.

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