Ninety-five percent of the world’s saffron comes from Iran.
The prestigious spice will has the ability to overwhelm the senses.
Its aroma, color and quality are comparable only to its taste.


Amazing medicinal herb, including its
anti-carcinogenic effect, anti-cancer,
anti-depression, booster of intelligence,
and its effect on the body’s resistance to


Crocin is a carotenoid chemical compound that is found in the saffron stigma. Crocin the chemical primarily responsible for the color of saffron. According to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) the minimum requirement for coloring strength is 190 to be considered grade 1. The Saffron grown in the Faruj area of North Khorasan has an average strength of 230. The best saffron produced by our farms has strength in access of 250. It is our commitment to provide you with only the best saffron.

Saffron threads are found in a variety of different cuts or trims. Saffron threads which contain less yellow, orange and white parts are generally considered to be of higher quality. This is due to the fact that the yellow, white and orange parts are considered to be excess weight which takes up space but has no real value as only the red part of the saffron thread is useful. However, it is possible that certain suppliers might dye the stigma to cover up the non red parts. This is not only an unscrupulous practice but it is also dangerous for the unknowing consumer. Our saffron comes directly from the farm and we have full control over the production process which helps ensure that no such practices take place. We strictly forbid any tempering with our saffron threads to protect our reputation as a premium farm and supplier.

In 2016, our saffron won an award from the Iranian Ministry of Agriculture for the best saffron in the Khorasan region. We have also received certificates of appreciation from the Ministry of Agriculture for our efforts in growing top quality saffron over the years. These awards provide us with the justification to call ourselves premium suppliers of the best saffron in the world.


Saffron is normally classified into 3 main categories which are Pushal, Negin and Sargol. Refer to the diagram below for an illustration of the different types of saffron threads.
Saffron which is harvested from the same farm is classified into each category depending on the appearance of the stigma, how it was harvested and how well it was processed.. Sargol and Super Negin are the most expensive types of Saffron threads. They are all red and contain no yellow or white parts. They are rich in flavor and aroma and ensure that there is no excess weight wasted in every gram that we pack. Sargol and Negin saffron are the most expensive saffron threads as they are all red and do not contain the white and yellow parts found on the saffron threads.
We focus primarily on Super Negin saffron which is considered to the most expensive and rare trim of saffron. Super Negin saffron is known not only for being the most potent but also for its aesthetically pleasing features. Super Negin threads are longer in length and contain no yellow or orange threads at all as compared to the normal negin threads. Super Negin is differentiated from normal negin strands by its color, length and thickness. Only the best strands which have been harvested perfectly and sorted for size and dried within 24 hours creating a beautiful bright red color qualify as Super Negin. Strands which do not meet the criteria of Super Negin due to size or imperfections during the sorting and drying process are considered as normal negin strands and sold as such. We know how difficult it is to obtain Super Negin strands and we ensure that the strictest standards are in place to ensure that normal Negin or Pushal strands are excluded so that you only received the best Super Negin our farms have to offer.
Simply put, Super Negin is what the farmer himself uses to make his saffron tea or cook his saffron rice. Only the best strands sorted and collected from hundreds or thousands of kilograms of saffron which qualify to be called Super Negin are sorted and packed at our processing centre before being sold to our customers.